The Resume

The Resume (lat. curriculum vitae or CV)

Next to the cover letter, the resume is the central element of the application documents. It is the flagship and the detailed, enlarged business card. The CV should clearly represent you and your career and helps an important first impression. The CV therefore constitutes an essential marketing document and provides the initial impulse to invite you for an interview.




I professionally design your optimal CV geared towards the desired job and Industry in Order to achieve a high success rate.

Complete Concept

A professional resume is well structured, has an appealing design, and is accurately written. It presents your education, activities and skills for the desired job in concrete terms and in a clear format / design.

Only a complete CV-concept can meet the diverse demands of the world of work. Therefore, my offer includes the following comprehensive services:

  • Development, structuring, scope (“central idea”)
  • Design, layout, formatting
  • Expression, formulation style, language
  • Conveying your personal “Unique Selling Proposition”
  • Font, Spelling


Form and Content

The essential information should immediately jump out at the reader and the overall picture should convince at first glance. This is achieved with a well-balanced form, and a suitable design (style, colour and portrait). Your story, which is relevant to the workplace, must also be told in addition to this appealing design. The entire content should convey your expertise, your performance motivation and personality through a perfect speech style.
Depending on your personal and professional starting point, I offer different types of resumes:








Set yourself apart from your competitors with a thoroughly composed CV and present yourself in the best light possible.

The Tabular Resume

Chronologically presents the individual facts with the corresponding data. The reader should quickly gain an overview. This CV is practical and convincing because it only provides and highlights the relevant information, and presents it in a clear design.


The Functional Resume

Emphasizes the skills and experience of the candidate. This type of resume is particularly effective for executives or professionals who have already had several positions within a similar field of work. It consists of a chronological and a separate part, in which all the skills are presented in detail.



The Short Resume

Also known as the Executive Summary, is an abridged version of the chronological CV. This type of CV is often sent alone in addition to the cover letter. It serves as a preselection for the company.




We create your meaningful CV

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