The Image Brochure

The Image Brochure

An image brochure is the advanced, detailed form of an application document, which is used to successfully represent you for a job or assignment. The task is to create a professional and personal profile, an image. In addition to the cover letter, my brochure expresses your multi-faceted personality and your career in words and pictures.

After all, the brochure should be as unique as you are.  The language, the images, the colours, everything is designed to spike the interest of human resource managers. These diverse components elicit confidence and draw the attention of potential companies to you.



My design agency is the first and only one in Austria that offers this product as an additional application document in our complete package.

An Unique Brochure

CV design combines language, images, colour selection and layout design for a perfectly formed, harmonious unit for your image brochure.


Our services at a glance:

  • Conception – careful research
  • Individual design – layout, colour, typography and images
  • Text – editing, proofreading
  • Content – aims, career, hard & soft skills, professional development, projects, time abroad, track records etc..
  • Illustration – visual design with the use of icons
  • Photography – Professional photography shooting with a professional photographer



Before we arrive at the creative implementation of an image brochure, we clarify the main contents and create structure within them. For this purpose, CV design has created a page flow plan.

Your personal strengths are splendidly displayed in order to give you an authentic, special impression. Furthermore, CV design considers the target group or the industry. The core messages are formulated, a basic visual idea is developed and a text concept is established.



CV design creates an image concept, in order to visualize your theme so that the images and text are speaking the same language and harmonize with each other. We achieve this through the key pillars, font, typeface, layout and colour. A perfect application image can best be conveyed with a well-formulated brochure.



We focus the wording of the text to the target group – understandable and to the point. This is not just a list of all the relevant points as in the CV, but a sound, well-structured and yet detailed description of your professional life, your past positions and your professional developments and abilities. An overall profile – your image – is created.



The content and message that you want to convey with the text will be adapted according to your experience and backgrounds. Your professional and personal profile should be reflected in the content and be tailored to your situation.



Illustrations according to your wishes and as a supplement to the design can also be a visual core element. Some themes are s better illustrated with icons than with pictures or words. CV design positions these illustrations in accordance with the style and in exactly the right place.



An essential optimal portrait is part of a successful image concept.  Therefore, I offer photo shoots with a professional photographer







CV design provides for the creation of an optimal image brochure with all of these competencies from a single source.   zur Erstellung einer optimalen Imagebroschüre alle diese Kompetenzen aus einer Hand.
This service is unique in Austria.



















After completion, your brochure is perfectly suitable to take the pole-position in the Application process.

An accurate cover letter is a core element of the entire application and serves to create increased interest in your other documents

We develop your meaningful Image Brochure

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