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Headhunters / Human Resource Consultants

The company CV design provides customers with an overview of the most important headhunter / and human resource consultants in Austria.

  • Skilled professionals
  • Executives
  • Top Management

There are approximately 700 human resource consultants / headhunters in Austria. We focus on the most prestigious and significant headhunting companies. We currently have about 300 of the top headhunters on our contact list. The headhunter’s job is too search and select suitable candidates. They research potential candidates in detail.

Take advantage of our collection of headhunters and human resource consultants. Discover the company that best suits your needs and get one step closer to reaching your next career goal.

You will receive an Excel list from us containing the following filter options:

  • Name of the headhunter
  • Field (skilled professionals, executives, top management)
  • Specialization (as far as can be seen on the website)
  • Street, city, province
  • Website




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Job platforms /Online job forums / Job searches / Job offers

The extent of job platforms is wide-ranging and growing. These job search platforms offer comprehensive career information and job offers for your next career step. Finding your dream job can seem overwhelming, but CV design has made it easier for you. We have summarized the most important job portals and job search engines so that you don’t have to.

You will receive an Excel list with 130 links, organized according to:

  • Job forums / Meta search engines
  • Jobs in the fields of:
    • Gastronomy Buisness
    • IT and technical jobs
    • Media and communication
    • Natural sciences and pharmaceutical industry
    • Social work and enviornmental work
    • People with disabilities
    • Public services
    • Medicine, health and care
  • Jobs in newspapers
  • Regional job forums
  • Links to interest groups, ministries and international organizations
  • Telephone and branch directories

Click on the link below to see an example.

  Example Headhunter & Job platforms



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