The Cover Letter

The Cover Letter

At the heart of your application is a well-formulated and informative cover letter. It is the first major part of your application, and represents a direct introduction of your application documents.

The challenge is to concisely provide the essential information on one page in order to attract the attention of human resource managers. Moreover, the goal is to produce an application, which fits to your personality.

In order to further your career and help you to receive your dream job, CV design arranges the cover letter in an interesting and accurate fashion in order to arouse curiosity in potential new employers.





Consider the cover Letter as personal advertising. I condense your achievements, experiences and successes so that they make a compelling case for themselves.


A Slightly Different Letter

Your personal background and your current situation help to make every one of my cover letters unique. My crucial criteria for a successful cover letter are:

  • Reference to the person
  • Highlighting professional and personal strengths and competencies
  • Presentation of motivation, professionalism and seriousness
  • To provide a clear image of the personality and goals
  • Establishing a close connection to the CV



Your cover letter stands and falls with the text. In contrast to the resume, which is used to sharpen your profile, the cover letter is used to reflect your personality/motivation.  This document allows you the opportunity to explain why, as a new employee, you are ideal candidate for the job and what profit you will bring to the company or the organization. In addition to flawless, compelling content, the assembly and structure play a crucial role. The cover letter should be an eye catcher.



CV design is able to score points for your cover letter with an individual and appealing layout. A skilful design grants a more personal and professional touch to the entire cover letter. The first (optical) impression should not be underestimated and should appeal to the person who reads it.










CV design creates an individual cover letter for each customer, so that your strengths, skills and qualifications are used to their full advantage.




We develop your meaningful Cover Letter

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