The Application File

The Application Dossier – The Application File

An application dossier (franz. = dossier binder, File) is a collection of your application documents. The goal in creating a dossier is to provide an overview of your ENTIRE professional training, performance and achievements, as well as skills and qualifications. Again: The first impression is crucial.


You should pay Close attention to the dossier – it shows the big picture!

My services for your application file

CV design turns your job application into a top advertisement with a collection of your entire personal skills and capacities. In addition to the formal design and respective layout, marketing plays an important role in creating a well-founded application file.

Applying means; to promote yourself. Your application file should be complete and current as well as attractive and accurate.

CV design digitizes your dossier and thus replaces the traditional application with all your relevant documents of achievement. Upon request, you can receive an officially verified document in PDF format or as a Word file.
The dossier includes:

  • Table of contents
  • Executive Summary (short resume)
  • Track record (optional)
  • Professional background
  • A copy of any working certificates
  • Training, study, further education
  • A copy of certificates for further education or courses
  • Languages/computer skills /personal conditions
  • Projects / international experience
  • Samples of work/reference list (optional)











A professionally created application file increases the chance that YOUR applicaiton will be considered and bring you one step closer to your new job.


In addition to the cover letter, a meaningful and well-structured curriculum vitae is the core element of your application.

We develop your meaningful Application File

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