How I work

Each transaction is completed at a very professional level. The services are offered as needed and adapted to the requirements of the respective potential jobs and the market.


Contact & Briefing

When you contact me for the first time, please send your current resume. I will contact you to discuss your concerns.

Offers & Orders

After a successful briefing, I will submit an individual offer to you via e-mail.

Data & Documents

CV design requires all of your relevant data, documents, application photos and possibly a job description.

Planning & Conception

I create a draft of your documents and then show them to you for review. If you have any questions, I clarify everything with you.

Implementation & Production

You review the draft and after your confirmation, I complete the document. All products include a correction loop.

Finalising & Shipping

I finalise your file and you receive your documents via e-mal (PDF and Word).

cv design