I have over 20 years’ professional experience, including five years of project management experience in different companies (from small businesses to listed companies). Starting as a trainee and working my way to senior manager, I worked in 13 well-known companies within four different industries.

I focused my leadership activities in management of the performance potential and human resources development (MPD – Managing Performance & Development). In addition, I was responsible for the coaching and career planning of employees.

In 2012, I graduated the postgraduate management course from the WU Executive Academy – with a focus on

  • Careers and career development
  • Strategic and change management
  • Human resource management and leadership


Personal Information

I grew up with my parents in Donnerskirchen. I have lived and worked in Vienna since 1998. As my ultimate goal as an entrepreneur I see:

  • Customer-oreinted thinking and acting
  • the constant improvement of my skills as well as
  • the expansion of my knowledge and experiences

My work is characterized by my attention to detail, creativity and precision. I enjoy implementing strategies and concepts and being pleased with the results. A strong sense of duty and reliability are very important values for me.




High Success Rate

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My customers will receive the best service in all job application matters. The extensive range of services goes beyond the “normal” creation of application documents and provides new avenues of presentation.


Visual Design

The focus is on the accurate and appropriate design of the documents. The first impression is often the deciding factor as to whether an application will be successful and it paves the way for the personal interview. It is developed as a result of complete and exact drafting of your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) und UAP (Unique Advertising Proposition).



Cooperation includes building a relationship of trust and offering support. The customer must feel that he has a partner at his side, who spares no effort in order to achieve a perfect  result and to relieve the pressure of creating a professional application.



Our top priority is to offer the highest quality. This includes both the expertise as well as the results of the work. Confidentiality and discretion are, or course, respected and upheld by me.

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