Application Package

Executive Application Package

CV design is now offering a specially developed application package for executives. The executive package contains everything you’ll need for your next job search and applications and assists you by offering high chances for successfully presenting yourself on the job market.






Benefit from our experience and know-how

The Package is comprised of the following services:


  1. Resume

  2. Project experience and references

  3. Application letter

  4. Executive summary

  5. Career profile

  6. Access to headhunters & job postings

  7. Business Card



  • Cover page, short profile, background

  • Listing of your past projects and references

  • Highlighting of your professional as well as personal strengths and competences

  • 1-page resume as part of your short resume

  • Summary of your career goals to be geiven as applications to headhunters

  • List of 300 headhunters and job posting boards

  • 1 Word template for business cards (front and back)

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